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Feasability Study, Merseyside Estuary

Stanton Marine Limited was asked to help a team of Consulting Engineers who were engaged in a feasibility study at Merseyside Estuary in Liverpool, England.

The feasibility study was made to see if it was possible to build a barrage across the river Mersey so that at high tide the volume of water could be locked into the estuary, and a controlled release through turbines could he made to provide electrical power which could he supplied to the National Grid.

Discharge of Oil Field

Stanton Marine was asked to superintend the discharge of the last oil cargo from a redundant oil field in the North Sea. Captain Bill MacDonald travelled to the oil discharge terminal, superintended the discharge from the oil tankers, then washed and gas freed all the tanks and cleaned all the cargo lines from the tanker to the shore slope tanks.

After completion of the marine side of the operation, Captain MacDonald and his team worked and gas freed all the tanks and the oil lines in the oil terminal and the refinery, prior to full dismantling the whole of the refinery before shipping some to an oil Terminal abroad.

Marine Advisory, Aggregate Terminal

Between 1990 and 2000, Captain MacDonald of Stanton Marine, was the Marine Advisor to a large international aggregate company who made a feasibility study on the possibilities of quarrying and developing a marine aggregate terminal on one of the islands off the Scottish Coast.

During this time, our Marine consultants also made many studies of other aggregate terminals both in the European ports and overseas terminals.

Up-righting of Obo Carrier Vessel

In 1994, Stanton Marine was the chosen marine consultants for the up-righting of an Obo carrier vessel which had developed a serious starboard list whilst loading fuel oil in a port within the Arabian Gulf.

This was a very complicated operation which eventually involved the sailing of the vessel to Off Shore Dubai, rebuilding both vessels boilers, pumping internally 35,000 tons of heavy fuel oil and sailing the carrier vessel back to the initial loading terminal to load the balance of the cargo (about 60,000 tons). After loading, the vessel made a safe passage to the West Indies where all the cargo was safely discharged.

Feasability Study, Port of Tanga

A study on the port of Tanga, Tanzania, to ascertain the possibilities of activating this East African port once again. Tanga port was a major transhipment destination in Victorian times. With the enlargement of cargo ships and now containerisation, the port of Tanga came second to Dar es Salaam further south. This is an ongoing study.

De-installation / Installation of Cranes, Nairobi

Stripping down and lowering six very large 50 ton overhead cranes which were in Situ at a large engineering redundant factory in Scotland.

This complex operation required specialist engineers and heavy lifting gear. The cranes were then lifted onto a road trailer and under police escort, transported to a suitable UK port before loading into a special heavy lift vessel and shipped to Mombasa Kenya.

At Kenya, the cranes were discharged and transported to a steel mill near Nairobi, where they were professionally reassembled.

De-installation / Installation of Cargo Diesel Generators, Nairobi

The stripping down and safe removal of eight cargo diesel generators at a main British Airport.
The generators were then placed onto suitable transporters and were shipped to Mombasa in Kenya. From Mombasa they were transported to a large steel mill at Nairobi.
The generators, which generate 1.2 mega watts each, are to be re-installed at the steel mill and reset by experienced electrical engineers so that they will again generate a private power supply in Kenya.

Feasability Study, Mexico

A feasibility study made on behalf of a steel producing company on the possibilities of them producing steel and marketing steel from a destination in Mexico.

Three areas in Mexico were visited and discussions are still taking place at Government level for this steel mill to be built.

There are / were many smaller marine and engineering projects which Stanton Marine played a part in over the last twenty years.

No marine or marine engineering projects are too small or too large for us to handle.

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