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Pre-Purchase / Pre-Chartering Inspection

Welding New Plates on Ship's Hull

Stanton Marine can give expert advice to owners before embarking on the expensive purchase of vessels.

The pre-purchase inspection can be carried out in two stages as follows:

First Inspection Report
A deck and engineer superintendent inspects the vessel at a loading or discharging port. In the case of a tanker, we ask for a discharging port where pumps, boilers, winches, tank valves, cargo lines, inert gas etc are in full operation and where maximum pressure is on the vessel to perform a safe discharge and crude oil wash operation within a given time.

The vessel is then given a thorough assessment and a report is made on all machinery, holds (if possible), deck machinery, engine room machinery, safety gear etc.

The same Superintendents join the vessel to make a ballast voyage in order to inspect, in the case of tankers, the method of tank cleaning, line cleaning, inert gas operations, tank washing machine operations, inspect cargo tanks and lines. They would also make measurements of steel thickness, construction detail, pressure test cargo lines, cargo pumps, valves and the correct operation of all deck machinery and engine machinery.

Final Report
The final details report on the vessel will include details of all above tests and a fill valuation will be made. Also included in this report will be recommendations to the prospective purchaser on replacements and constructional repairs as well as costs of repairs to cargo lines, cargo pumps, tank coatings, steel replacement, dry-docking etc.

In the case of a pre-chartering inspection, a marine superintendent will join the vessel at a discharge point and make a full inspection of the vessel during discharge. A more thorough inspection will require a short ballast voyage where engine room machinery is inspected by an experienced marine engineer accompanied by a deck superintendent who will view tank cleaning operations, pumprooms, inert gas systems safety requirements and ascertain the vessels suitability for the requirements of the Major Chartering Companies of Europe and USA.

Already, Stanton Marine undertakes a short, simple but effective pre-chartering inspection for some of Europe’s major chartering companies and our recommendations are always carried out before the vessel is fixed on charter.

Contact Stanton Marine
Stanton Marine Limited seek long term relationships with our clients, worldwide, at all times.

We will be happy to help you with all questions and suggestions regarding Stanton Marine's Pre-Purchase / Pre-Chartering Inspection serices. Please contact us on +44 (0)151 670 0404 or email: